How do I get to my multiple email accounts?


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Dec 8, 2011
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Picked up my Milestone X from ntelos the other day and loaded up with 3 email accounts. 2 accounts and my Yahoo.

So exactly HOW do you access the non default email account or the Yahoo account? I'm not speaking of where the settings are for either account, just say i wanted to send an email from the non-default account (which is working perfectly, not a technical issue), how do I go to that account and send an email?
For the life of me I have tried to access it and the Yahoo account for two days with no luck. I can pull them up when notified that an email has come in, and i can respond from that, but i cant go to the account.
I ended up installing the yahoo email app, but now I get 2 notifications. LOL. So I uninstalled it.
Like I said, its not a settings issue, they all work perfectly. I can access the settings through the "My Accounts" shortcut just fine.

help please? surely an Android thing. I'm running version 2.3.5 as updated just two days ago.