Issue with Razr Notifications if you specify multiple emal accounts...


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Nov 29, 2011
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So here I am with my new Razr after using a BB for the past few years. I set up my GMAIL account, and added my AOL and Yahoo accounts under Email. I receive emails just fine...but I have discovered that if you specify a different notification alert for each incoming email - only the last one you entered works.

For example, I have a notification sound for each of my Yahoo email accounts, and another for a single AOL email account , and another for my single GMAIL account. I get my notification sound for GMAIL just fine. But for Yahoo and AOL the only notification sound I get is the LAST account I added which happens to be one of my Yahoo accounts. When I get any email for my AOL or other Yahoo email accounts I get no notification other than it appears in the status bar.

Seems to be a bug to me!