Email account and sync issues


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May 26, 2010
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Hello all. I hope someone can help me with this. I've had no issues with my DX up until recently but last Wednesday/Thursday'ish I started having some account issues with my Hotmail email on my DX. I kept getting authentication errors, then it stopped syncing my mail right. So I tried deleting the account I had setup as a regular mail account, and it didn't delete right. It's still sitting in my accounts, but there's no settings or anything listed under it. So I tried setting it up again using steps for Corporate Sync I found on here, and it never worked right. Push didn't work, and even when I tried to manually sync my mail it wasn't retrieving new messages. So I went to delete it today, and it's not showing up under "Accounts" in my settings. So I created a basic mail account for my Hotmail again, and I'm getting an "Account failed to authenticate" error, on both my Hotmail, and work Exchange email. Does anyone know how to fix any of this? If it helps, here are some screenshots of what I'm talking about: