Easily Update Galaxy Nexus to The Official OTA 4.0.4 IMM76K from any ROM or Firmware!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The wait is finally over. After a botched update release Verizon is finally allowing the 4.0.4 IMM76K update to officially roll out. Some of you who were running stock 4.0.2 may have already updated by going to settings, about phone, check for updates. However modders like myself who are running any number of custom Roms wont be able to update this way. We will have to revert back to stock before we can accept the update. What a headache. P3Droid of TeamBlackHat feels your pain and has put together a very nice little update.zip that can be flashed over any Rom or firmware! It does require that you be rooted. You will also need a custom recovery installed like clockworkmod or TWRP. Other than that just wipe data and flash away. Pretty easy huh! This does include IMM76K as well as the new Radios and is even Pre Rooted!

Grab the file here: update_imm76k.zip

To flash:

Download the file above and get it on your SDcard. (easiest way is to just download directly to phone it will be under sdcard/download)
Reboot into custom recovery
Make a nandroid backup (if you feel like it)
Wipe Data and cache
Install zip from sdcard and choose the file you just downloaded
Reboot and ENJOY!

Via Droid-Life

Running stock 4.0.2 and still haven't received the update. Anyone else?
Same here. Is this update not available to all Gnex users yet or something?

uness you are asking is it available from vzw to push the update then the answer is its a trickle effect where they push so many updates a day.
I've updated from 4.0.4 IMM30B to IMM76K without wiping data, only cache. Everything works fine so far, but am I asking for trouble without doing a full wipe?