Duplcate Contacts on Droid X


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Mar 11, 2011
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Sanatoga, PA

I've only been using my Droid for a couple of weeks and I've read about all the syncing problems... I haven't run across anything that specifically addresses duplicate contacts in both contact apps on the Droid when everything is fine on Gmail.

I think I know how to wipe contacts on the Droid so I can re-sync but I want to confirm that rather than learning another lesson the hard way. I found three apps, Contacts, Contacts Storage, and Contacts Data by going to Settings-Applications-Manage Applications-Running... Opening them one at a time I also see how to clear their data. Am I in the right spot? If so, do I need to clear data in all three apps, or which one(s)? If not, how can I get rid of the duplicates without deleting 200+ contacts individually? ...what could have caused this? I haven't changed any settings on the phone or Gmail and the contacts were OK before the last sync.

Also please, when I get this issue sorted out, is there a way to pick and choose what gets sync'd from Google so I can leave the contacts alone until I need to?

Thanks a lot!
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