GB Contacts Set-up Questions


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Feb 11, 2011
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Updated to GB, found out it could sort and search Contacts!!! Spent hours getting it all the way I wanted it (but didn't know to backup to the SD card.) Then GB "fried" my X (per VZ rep!)

So am now reinstalling on the "new" one they just sent. Before I go through what I went through in May(thanks to HookBill for at least saving my sanity), with 356 Contacts in one place and 34 in another (I only own 160 total!?!), I want to get this set up right--and already I am in trouble.

Chose not to use BUA this time around because it links contacts and duplicates data, doesn't sort, etc. Set up GMail account to sync calendar and contacts only. Calendar is syncing fine. Contacts are not. My GMail contacts (140) are all already in groups. My DX contacts (15) are not even recognizable as being from any contact list I own: while most of them are the VZ Account #BAL, #MIN, etc., 3 of my own number, 1 my husband, and 1 our family email!

Went to VZ store for help (LOL), where she promptly synced to BUA. When I looked at it, tried not to freak, and pointed out that I needed to have GMail synced, not BUA, she did a Factory Reset (thanks, Kyla--you're a brick!), then told me she couldn't help. (Should have guessed that and saved the trip!!!)

What settings do I look for to get GMail to sync Contact groups? It did it on the one it fried (hmmmm.)
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