DroidForums.net PW HELP!!!!

I can clear cookies all day long in firefox and it does not help. On three different computers no less. I'm a member on several other forums on the interwebz and never have ever run into something like this. IE blows I hate using it. You shouldn't have to be fumbling with cookies and cleaner programs just to log into a site. This should be fixable on the server end.
All of a sudden today I tried to log in with Chrome and BOOM it works again. And NO I had not reset my cookies in between. :icon_ banana:
Get dolphin browser hd it is mich better and free. It will also ask you after install to download bookmarks app. Worth a try. Worked for me.
For what it's worth. I use Firefox and IE 8 - had to clear the cookies IN BOTH before I could get in with either.
Wow! I’ve never heard of this before and I think they’re awesome!
I use Google Chrome and for the life of me I can not log in with this browser. Ive tried deleting the cookies but no luck. Any ideas? Im forced to use IE :icon_eek:
SAME!!! This website when using Google Chrome is acting very wierd!! I can not log in either.