Droid X Sin gle strenght indication incorrect?


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Dec 3, 2010
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I live in a Verizon fringe area. I had to install a Verizon "Network Extender" in my house. Basically this a miniature cell tower placed in my entertainment cabinet and connected to my broadband internet connection. This vastly improved my coverage inside my house BUT the indicator on my Droid X and my Wife's Droid 2 still only showed 1 bar at best and often 0 bars.

Recently I installed Mobile Signal Widget and it shows that I have much better coverage.

The Settings > About > Status db level of the signal will wander from -99db to -60 db as I wander about the house yet the Notification Bar signal still only shows 0 or 1 bar. When I am out and about the indicator works fine. I guess that it doesn't recognize Verizon's network extender.