Droid X has stopped pushing; have to manually push to check for email


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May 9, 2011
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About a week ago, the push seemed to stop happening on my X. I can't remember now whether it had been in Push mode or set to do every 15 minutes, but at this point, I'd be happy if either would work. Instead, when I think to check, I have to go through:
Messaging/(account name)/(hit the arrows in a circle)
and then hours of email download.

The folks in the Verizon store couldn't get it to push either.
we've tried taking the battery in and out, deleting and readding one of my emails, and using both push or no-push/15minute-check.

I have a widget on the home screen that just sits there saying "No recent unseen messages" but it isn't true. Its just not checking for them because when I press the round arrows to check, it usually downloads a bunch...so it's not a question of me not being in a 3G zone or not having the email set up write.

Very open to suggestions. This HAD been working just fine.

If it makes an difference, I'm using the Email connector (the one that looks like a @ on a red postage stamp), not the gmail one.