Droid X AdHoc from Laptop


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Mar 9, 2011
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Hey all,

I'm sure many of you were in a situation that you didnt have access to a wireless network router but wanted to setup a wireless network with your Droid X and be able to use an existing internet connection that your laptop has.

This is said only if the following circumstances exist:

Internet Access on your computer with a wired connection
Windows Vista Home Premium or greater should allow this to work

Step 1. Go into your network and sharing center
Set up a connection or network
Choose Peer to Peer adhoc
Setup the name and WEP pass
Step 2. In the network and sharing center goto manage network connections
Right click the Local Area Connection (not Wireless)
Click Properties
Click Sharing
Check Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection.
If you want to allow additional features click Settings and check those that apply (http is a must for passing internet to the phone)
Click Ok on all
Step 3. Right click the Wireless Network Connection
Goto Properties
Highlight TCP/IPv4
Click Properties
Check Use the following IP address
Enter a new IP address that is not the same as your wired connection IP (Goto CMD prompt and type IPCONFIG /all to determine this
subnet mask is default unless your wired connection uses something different
Default gateway should be similar to the IP entered above but change the last digit to something else.
The prefered DNS is set to your wired connection IP see IPCONFIG /all should be under IPv4 Address:
Then after entering all that Ok out of it.
Step 4. In Network and Sharing Center open Manage Wireless connectons
You should see the adhoc you set up previosly in the 1st step.
Right click it and Click connect
Enter your wep pass
But before you click connect get your phone
On your phone goto your wifi settings
If you dont see your adhoc in it try scanning or manually adding it
Enter your wep
And add it so that the phone is obtaining an IP address
At this time connect on your computer to the adhoc
If your computer fails at first see that your phone is connected
If your phone is connected try again on your computer it should wok, it did for me... If either doesnt work double check your wep pass

After everything connects you should have the wifi symbol and now be able to access the internet from both laptop and phone.

Additionally you can connect other devices at the same time, my Ipod touch gen 4 and droid x works with my Old ass laptop via IPv4

Good Luck hope this helps anyone.