Droid Won't Connect to USB


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Oct 19, 2011
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Hello! I was going to download and use my first custom ROM today, but I ran into a problem, and as stupid as it is, I still need help with it -.-'...

Okay. So. Please note that I already went to: Settings --> Applications --> Development --> USB Debugging and checked the USB Debugging option.

I plugged in my phone to my laptop via the USB cord, and it starting charging and everything, but nothing showed up on my computer. There weren't any options more on how to connect to the computer either. No 'mount drive' or anything. Is there a specific place I have to go to start that option?

I went into Device Manager and tried to find it, but I couldn't.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

What should I do?

Did you pull down the Notification Bar and select "select to move files/usb"?

Also are all of your drivers installed?
There was nothing located in the notification bar. It was just blank, like when I have no texts or emails.

All my drivers? As in the ones downloaded from here?

If you're talking about those, yes.