Turn USB Debugging on w/o phone


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Jan 2, 2010
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Is there anyway to turn USB debugging on using the SDK? The screen on my phone totally died when I dropped it on the ground (but my phone still totally works otherwise). Anyway, I'm getting a new one from Verizon but need to unroot before I send this one back.

I was thinking of using SDK to take screenshots and unroot it that way...but I can't figure out where to press to get USB debugging on... I did get it mounted to the computer though :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yeah, I was looking at that, I have no way of knowing if it worked because I can't see what's happening on phone.

Being able to get it into debugging mode at some point would be helpful so that I can take screenshots.
I'd just boot into the boot loader (power on while holding "up" key on keyboard, and launch RSD lite, and see if RSD lite sees teh droid. If it does, do teh sbf and you're done.