Droid Speech to text message


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Apr 8, 2010
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My friend has an Incredible and it has a feature that allows you to speak to create a text message. Can someone recommend a good app for the Droid to add this feature?

The stock keyboard should have a microphone icon on it. Click and talk and it will convert your speech to text (or try).
You don't need handcent, in Android 2.1 the feature was added for text to speech in any text input field just hit the little microphone button on the on screen keyboard and talk.
I don't have a microphone button?? I found the system info and do have system 2.1 but the no microphone. I am using Messaging - is that the correct program? How do I get the voice to text option?

Thanks for your help

Sue, the mic is the part of the phone you talk into when making calls. MC
I know where the mic is - it is the button to activate it per:

just hit the little microphone button on the on screen keyboard and talk.

There is not microphone button in the messinging app

You don't have one that looks something like even on your number and symbol keyboard :

If you are on at least 2.1 from the home screen press the menu button and go to settings. Click on Language and Keyboard, scroll down to Android Keyboard settings. Then click on Voice Input, and enable it on main keyboard or symbols keyboard.
Thank you! that was it - I was looking on the main page for the link (like it is on my friends Incredible) not on the keyboard itself.