Handcent SMS Speech-to-Emoticon


Mar 30, 2011
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Hello, so I just started using this app the other day. I've been speaking my text messages into the phone because I hate the onscreen keyboard and its faster to talk to it.

I received a text message from my daughter with a smiley emoticon, she is on a phone from Cricket and it isn't an Android or an iPhone its kind of a knockoff Blackberry looking thing.

So I said into the phone "how do you put smileys in your text message" she says she has a button that she pushes that puts the ": - )" into her message.

I said back "my phone shows an actual smileyface when you send it" well wouldn't you know my text message comes up with ": - )" and when I hit send it comes out as an emoticon!

So I've been looking for the speech shortcuts for the rest of them and having no luck. I tried to say "sadface" and "laughface" and they didn't work either.

Does anyone have a table of Speech-To-Emoticons that I can reference?

Thanks in advance,