Droid Keyless Car Remote


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Nov 22, 2009
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Does anyone know if there is an app where you can program your car's keyless remote entry into the phone?
I saw that apple just came out with one like this.
It would require some means of transmitting a signal (RF most likely) which I'm not sure that the droid has
I have heard of this for viper systems, which would link from your phone to the web to a network enabled viper system. But your run of the mill keyless entry? Not a change on any front.
I do have a Viper on my Xterra. The thought of integrating a Droid with my truck makes me want to wet myself with excitement...

But as far as how to transmit that is the problem. Even if you rooted the phone and somehow got the network antenna inside to transmit you would have to change your viper to receive the new frequency range... but then it would "hear" constant cell traffic.... damn...