Droid All in One TV Remote

Anywho.... would still LOVE to see if an APP could be developed. Changing channels in the restaurants is great. :icon_ devil:
omfg LmAo!!!
Okay, so it doesn't have infra-red. Can it operate a PS3? I'm pretty sure the PS3 uses bluetooth.
Im pretty sure if you all keep speculating bout the insides of your phone and taking pictures the little robot inside will crawl out of the 3.5mm when youre on the phone, make its way to your ear and crawl inside your brain. Then when anyone says your name, calls you, knocks on your door or sends you an email all you will be able to say is.....droiiiiid

So be careful.
To do a full home entertainment/TV remote solution, you would need to invest in an IP to Infrared gateway. I suppose a bluetooth to infrared gateway might also be a possibility but I don't know if android would have the right bluetooth protocols for such a thing and I would think that a infrared gateway controlled via an internet connection would be easier to program.
Too bad, I had Infrared port on my SCH I730 and loved using the remote control program, especially nice for changing tv's at restaurants to shows I wanted to watch. lol

OMG! i730 Breathren! we are brothers! :):icon_ banana: