droid incredible


May 17, 2010
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washington state
ok i want to upgrade to the droid incredible but is it easy to root and overclock and is a sweet phone after being rooted and having custom rom on it cause i would be coming from the original droid and it would be a big change for me but i love the way it feels in my hands and how fast it is being stock and is the phone just a fun phone
very easy to root, i did it with the push of a button once all was setup. I don't know much about ROMs as i haven't flashed any yet. The phone is more than fast enough for me still, after a good 3 weeks, and overclocking hasn't even crossed my mind, underclocking has to save battery though.

i still can't believe it was that much quicker than my droid out the box, it was mind boggling really. it's much lighter, so light i forgot it was in my pocket once in the first 2 days of ownership, and i think the screen is even more clear than my original droid. i really love this device and i would imagine putting a ROM on it would be the same experience as when i first purchased it.....can't wait