Droid Eris ROMs

thank you so much for this wonderful list of information. i rooted this morning and installed xtrrom. now if i can just find out how to get all that bloatware off the phone i'll be good to go. i know i've seen it here on the forum but now i can't find it. can someone point me in the right direction please. oops, my bad, the bloatware is gone, not in this rom. YEAH!!!!
Any major issues with very celb? tried kaos after a week constant force closes and radio does not pick up a signal

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Reinstalled kaos and working flawlessly, needed to install different camera application

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Hello, all! I was wondering if anybody knew if the cm7 2.3.5
gsb ROM will work for tethering the Eris as a hotspot!? I've had no luck getting it to work.. sorry if this is off topic, but I really wana use the phone as a hotspot!!
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