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Oct 28, 2010
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Does the Bionic output audion from the microport connection?
VZ sold me a HDMI cable and said I would have to use the earpiece output for the audio. Ugh!

Is this simply a limitation in the cable they sell or is it a limitation in the Bionic?
My Bionic outputs audio through the motorola hdmi cable that verizon sells. I bought my cable off ebay though it was way cheaper than from verizon. Mini display port is not the same as mini hdmi so I don't think that adapter will work.
I have several MonoPrice HDMI to micro HDMI cables. All support sound on the Bionic. What are you trying to do with the Thunderbolt cable?
Droid Bionic Audio

My Bionic does not play audio thru my TV speakers with the cable I bought at the Verizon store.
And, then it occurred to me, with my current stereo, it still wouldn't pickup the audio. The HDMI cable is going from the Droid to the TV, with no outputs on my TV going to the stereo. But, even with the TV spekaers set to ON, I get no sound. The salesman told me their cable would not give me sound.

That is why I asked about the alternative MiniPort device. I think the problem is, they have more than one cable. I hope. I hope it is not a limitation in the Droid Bionic. I am still looking for clarification of that. That the HDMI output on the Bionic does have audio AND video in the same port, and I just need the right cables.

It just occurred to me that I will need a splitter as well, one side to the TV (with the crappy speakers turned OFF) and one side to the new Pioneer tuner/amp I bought for the system.
The Thunderbolt cable is the only item that came up in a search at their site. No cables are in the results with bionic in the parameters.
Do you know the device model, SKU or inventory number for your cables?
Thanks! I ordered the splitter and a cable for TV and one for the Pioneer amp, too. The amp arrives Thu-Fri and the cables tomorrow.
I was having the same issue with audio. After numerous calls to Motorola I finally got a call from their level 3 support. They told me that the next update should fix it. Hearing that I decided to download and install .901. My HDMI audio now works like a champ.

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