Droid 3 making calls when charging... & wifi showing but not working away from home


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Feb 18, 2013
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I'm new here & the Android world.... In a nutshell my Droid 3 is having two issues...
1st issue is that the droid 3 is calling a contact when it's plugged in for charging. It did it about 30 minutes after plugging in & this morning i woke up 4 minutes after it had called 911. I had to explain to 911 that my phone made the call....You can imagine what they were thinking??? No, i'm not touching it...it's just calling out. I did look at my settings to see if they're is one for this & couldn't find anything that got close. I did notice that the 911 call wasn't recorded, but the other call that was made 2 nights ago to a contact was recorded as a outgoing call....Any ideas out there???
2nd issue is my apps work great on my wiifi at home, but when i go to Church they aren't working. I've saved the Churches wifi & it's an open wifi. Others around me are telling me they aren't having problems... any ideas to why mine is???
Lastly, remember i'm new to android & will appreciate answers with explanations. Thanks for reading my post & just maybe solving my issues...

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Oct 27, 2011
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If you are not using the stock charger cable, that may explain the phantom calls. I've read about chargers that can affect phone function. If you cannot get a stock charger or a charger that works well (for example, I have an Amazon Kindle, and the Kindle charger and cable work fine with my D3), I'd suggest turning on airplane mode before you plug it in to charge.

WiFi is a tough nut to crack. I'd long-press the saved church wifi access point in settings->wireless & networks->wifi settings->manage networks and tell it to forget the network and see if that helps. You also may want to get the app Wi-Fi Analytics from the Play Store to see if that tells you anything about WiFi at church. Maybe that will tell you something about signal strength or something.



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May 2, 2011
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I'm with doogald. Your issue might be your charging cable. I'm using a Kodak camera cable, but it works just fine for me. No issues. You could try using a different one to see if your problem continues. As for Wifi, not really sure. Follow doogald's link and instructions to see if that'll work for you.