Droid 2 question


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Dec 3, 2010
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When I remove my Droid 2 from it's case the phone has skiped the slide to un-lock feature and is showing the home screen. This happens all of the time and does not matter if the phone is ringing. The case is a "Dickeys" heavy duty with a magnetic flap. This is my second Droid 2 and the first one always came up with the black screen and had to be activated by pushing the top button then sliding the unluck icon. I have been very carefull when taking the phone from the case to ensure that I am not accidently pushing any buttons or touching the screen. And it still happens. Any ideas?
There is a magnet in the docking station that puts the Droid automatically into the docking mode when the Droid is placed in the dock. The magnet on your case may be having the same effect, triggering something inside the phone. It might make a difference if the phone is placed facing in or out.