Droid 2 keeps freezing


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Nov 23, 2010
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Hey guys,
I just bought my phone on November 15 , last monday and It was working fine until yesterday when it started going crazy freezing on me. I had to remove the battery to reboot it and when I did it just froze again sooo basically I have the same issue and I read about a Green ROMs suggested but I dont want to void the warranty of the phone or have it harmed in any way and would like to know of any solutions that might work or any feedback from ppl who used the rom to fix this "freezing" problem...
-Details: For example I would open up a song using the default music player and it would stop and freeze.
Or i would flip the phone and it would get stuck mid flip or cycle idk what its called.
Or just freeze and not respond to anything
Thank you for your help