droid 2 help

Sorry for the ignorance but any suggestions on how to do these things or where to get them.
yes I would download Quickclock and Droid 2 overclock from the market...they are $2 each, tethering, ad blocking, and boalware removal are all free....as for the custom ROM...I would hit up Liberty 1.5....it is sweet.
+1 for Liberty!

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With the liberty rom does it take a while to download because its been going for about 15-20 min and still at 25%.
have had 3 droids x now i have a droid 2 same problems...... does anyone share this auto texting to a contact and the dialer places a numberinto itself and keeps it on and wont stop , i have had to manually remove the battery twice already in4 days. This just cant be me ???? anyone help
has anyone had to go as far as the better business bureau ?? I shouyld say I have had to and itys still going on?