Droid 1 has become unusable


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Nov 30, 2009
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I have a D1 and I'm waiting for the supposed release of the Bionic. Well as of yesterday, my D1 became possessed! I unlock the screen and it just goes nuts! It opens random apps and just presses buttuons all on it's own. It's become unusable to say to least.

I have 2 upgrades to burn so I was thinking of getting a phone to bridge me to the bionic release in Sept. My hope is to get a phone that I can sell in Sept (and maybe make a little money) and use my other upgrade to get the bionic. Any thoughts on a 'Bridge' phone I should get?

Another option is to reactivate my Storm 1. I think I deal with it for a month.

I have the same problem just happened last night no idea what is wrong. I have tried wiping and reinstalling with a fresh install of cm 7 seems like a hardware issue
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Mine started doing that same junk about two weeks ago. I had to do a hard reset and that seams to be helping. What makes me mad is that I haven't had any trouble out of this phone until Verizon sent me a text telling me that I'm available for a upgrade! It wasn't three hours later and my phone starts bugging out.I'm still holding out for the bionic!!
Mine started doing the same thing about a month ago. Off and on. Random apps open up, if it's txt or email it will start typing random letters. I tried resetting to factory, seemed to help a little, but it's still very problematic. Can't even swipe the unlock at times.
It's actually a known issue with the Droid 1. Call Verizon and tell them what's going on, tell them you do not wish to use an upgrade at this time, and they will do one of two things, either send you a refurbished D1, or send you a D2.
I'm glad I found this thread because I thought I was going crazy. Mine has been doing the same stuff you guys mentioned. It started about week ago. I changed the kernel 2 days ago and have not had it happen again........yet. But after reading the other posts I guess it's probably the beginning of the end of my Droid 1. I have been sitting on my upgrade for a month now, so I guess it's about time for me to use it. I'm going to miss my :motdroidvert:.
Geez, I've not had any problems, but the increasing response of similar experience in this thread isn't giving me any comfort that it'll stay that way. Now my anxiety level is creeping...LOL
Your Droid is seeing bogus interrupts, thinking it is receiving touch inputs from the screen. Mine has been doing it for a while, and it's aggravated by heat, either from using it while charging AND running a CPU intensive app like Navigation or Maps, or from over-clocking.

Try cooling off your droid by putting it in the fridge for 10 minutes and see if that doesn't help settle it down enough for you to get some use out of it. It helped mine, but sometimes i would just have to turn it off for 15 minutes and try later before I could actually use it.

I've been dealing with this issue and the rightmost part of my screen no longer accepts touch input, so I cannot pull down the notification area while it's in the charging cradle.

I'm ready for an upgrade already, just waiting for a phone that's worth a 2 yr extension to my contract. :)
You guys might considering buying a used droid on ebay to tie you over until Bionic comes out. If your rooted and rommed you can use nandroid to move you to the "new" phone.