Download won't download and is stuck in notifications?

I also made this account just to share how I solved this (on a Samsung Galaxy S5). I was constantly showing Download Manager attempting to download an update, but never making any progress. I connected to a Wi-Fi network and suddenly the updates all happened.

In Play Store->Settings I had Auto-update apps set to allow updating at any time. I have since tried setting that to WiFi only and then back to any time; it now downloads with no problems over the 4G network. I suspect that changing the Play Store->Settings to something else and then back again would have fixed the problem alone as well.
Hi, this also worked for me..


You need to access android services, specifically, the download manager, similar to Windows services. It was not visibe on my device until I installed an advanced services manager. A few free apps open up different services. Get one and open up Download Manager > Force Stop > Clear/stop service (do not disable)...close all apps...complete power off for a minute and reboot.

You should be clear of the stuck download and notification.

Interested to hear if u get the same result?

Thank you all for sharing your fixes! With all of the techniques listed here, others should have no problem finding a solution that works for them!

And welcome to the forums to all of you who created accounts just for this thread! Hope you'll stick around!