Droid Razr Download Suspended will resume shortly


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Mar 30, 2010
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I am guessing a new version is trying to download onto my razr but all it does is drain my battery and say "Download Suspended. Will resume shortly" in the notification section. this has been going of for 2 days now.
Restart your phone and try it again

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I think i have restarted it about 10 times. when i first restart it, it doesn't give the notification so i then go into system updates and tap "System updates" and it says "an update is currently being downloaded". Then about 5 min later I will get the notification that says "Download Suspended"
Hmmm power down, remove your simcard, power it up. Then power it down and reinsert your simcard and power it up. Then try it again.

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Do you have an app killer downloaded??? Anything of that nature????

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Tried removing the simcard following your steps and it still says an update is currently being downloaded. I have no task killer other than what came with the phone and looking at the apps that are running i can not find a task killer running.
Hmmmm. Time to call Verizon and ask for a new phone possibly?

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Took it into the store tonight and they wiped it out and started all over again. Seems to be working now. Thanks for the suggestions!
My wife's phone same, but ok now

My wife's phone was doing same thing since yesterday. As I saw about taking phone back, I chose to do a 'back up assistant sync' and download/message went away.
Just had this issue the other day with a new phone. Seems that it is a data related issue. In some areas the system isn't able to recognize certain data modes. The easiest thing to do is to go to a WiFi hotspot and connect that way and the update will download and install. Then the data will work properly. If you check your version and it is 6.11 it needs to update to 6.12 and this is the issue.