Dowloading MP3s to Droid X


Oct 21, 2010
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Using the Dropbox app, I placed two songs on my phone from the same album. I can see and play both songs from the folder they sit in, but when I go to the Music app, it only shows the first song. Can't figure out why it doesn't see the other one. Anybody run into this?
Hold down on the song in the dropbox folder and choose download.

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Yeah, I did that. The song is downloaded and can be played from the folder it sits in. But it doesn't show up when I open the music app. I'm mystified because the other song shows up.
Well that's odd. I copied the one song from the Dropbox folder and pasted it into the playlist folder and ALL the songs showed up in the Music app. At least I can make it work now...still odd that one song did work without doing that. This device is definitely quirky.