Does Lattitude kill battery life


Nov 6, 2009
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hey guys,

2 years with my droid and I never tried lattitude. LOL

My wife is about to take a cross country trip and asked if we should use lattitude.

Will this kill battery life? Also will we need to have google maps running the entire time to locate each other?
Yes it is murderous on battery.

Used up my battery (20%) when I'm normally at 60-70% at the end of my work day.

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Hmmm...ok that's what I thought.

Maybe it's best to use wavesecure than since it's not constantly using the GPS.

Well I have to totally disagree here. I have zero drain from Latitude....doesn't even show up on usage.
Wow, ok...I should of posted this a few days ago...

Anyone else wanna chime in?
Doesn't kill my battery ether

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Cool, do you have to have maps constantly open to be located?
I use latitude all the time and I don't see any drain. Maps doesn't run all the time. It updates anytime your phone updates its location. Maps doesn't have to be open. The widget also has a refresh button.

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I have Latitude enabled on my D2 and the better half's D2 all the time. I have GPS enabled on both phones all the time. I see no significant drain from either.
I must battery drain...had it on for a trip from ohio to florida so my dad could track our progress back home and it was fine...

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Trying it again. So far it seems ok. Must have been another rogue app.

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