Does anyone sell an extended battery yet?


Nov 7, 2009
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The battery life is killing me with how much I use my Droid, already. I have to spend about 35% of my day with the phone charging or it's constantly running out of juice.

I Googled around and didn't find anything, but does anyone know if anyone sells or is planning to sell an extended battery?
I don't use mine much and it will not even last me the entire day
I used mine a few times today and i still have 50% battery at the 14 hour point. The first full day it lasted 12 hours with off and on use
I used mine a few times today and i still have 50% battery at the 14 hour point. The first full day it lasted 12 hours with off and on use

Fire up wifi and gps and you'll see that get cut down real fast.
Not sure how you got 50% after 14 hours, but hell i want that battery, can you ups that to me pls ;)
Since Friday I have been getting about 8 hours with moderate use. I kept it in the docking station while working on the computer this afternoon and that topped it off nicely. I think I will keep it docked at work so it is charged when I leave work in the evening.
I'm getting maybe 6 hours out of mine. I'm sure some of that is overuse due to newness, but that's not very convenient. I even turned the screen brightness down as low as it will go and don't leave unused wifi/bluetooth/gps on.
how do i see the percentage of batter left? i have a battery icon at the top but nothing happens if i tap it.
it seems many are getting inconsistent battery usage. 6 1/2 hours on, 2 hours of that talk time, BT on consistently (i use my headpiece) not even at 60% yet, and that's moderate use searching the web, and playing around in the app store. This is my second test.
I've used mine all day, doing mostly PDA functions, a few calls and some GPS. Off the charge at 7:00am, at 60% at 8:00pm.

I did install the Power Widget and turned Wifi and BT off and dimmed the screen.
ebean, there's lots of apps that can show you the battery status including one called "battery widget" which you can put on your home screen.

Here's how to look it up in the Android settings:
1. from the home screen, press the menu button and then Settings.
2. Scroll to bottom of list and press on "About phone"
3a. press on "Status" to see battery level (percentage)
3b. press on "Battery use" to see which functions on your phone are using the most power.
Wait until it's not new anymore.... then you will use it like a regular phone and you will see better life... lol During the weekend it was in my hand all the time. Today at work I took it off the charger at 6am.... I played with it at work today to show a few people, checked my e-mail all during the day, made a few calls... and on teh way home at 5pm it was 40%, popped in in the charger on the way home, made a few more calls after that and now it's at 50%.

I'm not complaining at all, those with dying batteries, my bet it's the bluetooth... but mine was on all day, but the wifi was off due to it not allowed to be on with visual voice mail for some reason.
Just drove an hour to work. Left my house at full, now I'm at 80. Didn't have wifi, bluetooth, or gps on. 1 hour of moderate use is 20%? Man...
One thing to remember is that these batteries LOVE to be charged. If you are near a charger, plop it in. That is why the dock is so nice, it just slides in. They do much better with frequent top offs than letting them drain out.