Do i have this figured out?

John Gi

Jul 17, 2010
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Hey, so im interested to get droid 2 or x . but i am worried about getting 1 of those phones with a contract and in a couple of months the rumored droid comes out. i know this will happen, so my dad offered to get the upgrade nd let me get one of those phones . and when my contract ends in mid-november i will give my dad the droid 2 or x nd i can get my single 1 year contract?

im sorry if that doesnt make sense. lol

so basically i buy the phone with a 2 year contract for my dad.. he lets me have it under my number... until november when i get my NE2 discount. i can then wait a month or 2 until the next droid comes out nd when it finally drops ,i buy it nd give him the droid(2 or x) ..

so im just wondering will this work? lol
I new phone will always come out.

Aside from that, i cant decided between droid 2 and droid x :<