Dialer issues

I had it a while ago. I don't like the stock dialer anyway so I switched to dialer 2 which makes more sense to my peabrain anyway

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I had the same problem, among other issues. Verizon gave me a replacement for it.
Hi ,
i have a problem also. When I use bluetooth headset, it goes to the voicedialer, but it does not say anything.
When I say call somebody, it dosen't confirm the name, just starts dialing. Most the time the wrong number.
My Droid 1 is rooted and I have Peter Alfonsos rom 2.3.4 gingerbread. Any help or ideals, I would be very gratfull.
Thanks again!!!
I fixed mine by going swimming with it. Notice my sig now says droid2 instead of droid2 global.

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