Break default dialer lock


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Aug 3, 2010
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So, here's what I've got so far.

I've managed to root my Droid using the zergling rush technique.

I've got ADW set up as my new launcher, and Ive managed to get rid of most of my bloatware with Titanium.

I've installed TouchPal Dialer as my new dialer application, and replaced the shortcut in ADW.

This is... more or less an acceptable setup. However, there are 2 little things bothering me.

1. Id like to have the "double-tap home" shortcut set to "dialer", but right now that means the MotoBlur dialer, which I dont care for.
2. I want--when I click on a phone number in a web browser, for it to go to TouchPal dialer all the time. Right now, it brings up an application menu and makes me choose between TouchPal and the standard Phone dialer. There is no "Remember this setting" checkbox available.

It seems as though Motorola has done something to prevent changing out the default dialer. Thanks to ADW I can sort-of work around this, but it's not *truly* as seamless as I'd like. All I really want to do is change the default dialer. Or, I would even settle right now with *removing* the Phone dialer, so that it wouldnt try to make me choose in the web browser. But when I freeze i with Titanium, it doesnt *work* anymore, but the phone still thinks it's an option for phone numbers.

Does anyone have any clue as to what an option here might be? It's such a dumb little thing for Motorola to have done, it's *really* bugging me and bringing down my overall satisfaction with the phone. There just doesn't seem to be any *need* for it.
Oops, nevermind!

For anyone else who finds this thread, in my case it turns out this isn't an issue with the phone at all, it's specifically an issue with the Dolphin Browser, for some reason. I'd still like to solve the problem (by removing the vanilla Phone app), but for now I'm either going to try to find a dolphin-specific solution, or just switch to a new web browser that works the way I want.

This still doesn't allow me to solve the default action for "double-tap home", either. But I can live without that as well.