Data stoppages must stop


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Nov 5, 2010
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I was out at the park and saw that I had a new IM from a friend on IM+ Pro. I clicked the conversation and waited to be reconnected so we could chat. It never happened.

My bars were still blue and I had the 3G icon, but only one arrow would blink, indicating a crashed 3G connection.

I then tried my web browser. Pages wouldn't load.

I toggled airplane mode twice. Both times I only got white bars and no 3G connection. When this happens, I am in areas with ample coverage.

I finally gave up and rebooted, which reconnected me.

Why can't someone write an app that could reset the data connection without having to reboot the phone? Is there any way to find out if this problem is due to my phone's radio, the cell site I'm near, or VZW's network itself?

I have updated my PRL I don't know how many times in the past. I have had this problem with a BlackBerry Curve 8330m and a Samsung Code (Windows Mobile 6.1) on Metro PCS, and a BlackBerry Curve 8530 on Boost Mobile. Is this simply one of the joys of using smartphones, could it be something in my area, or am I just that unlucky with modern tech?

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Sure its not your phone. I have had data stoppage as well but it was not that frequent and my fix was a blurless rom.
Which one?

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Any blurless rom to be honest.. Choose what you prefer.
Airplane mode resets the data connection for me. Technically, it assigns a new IP, so it should reset for everyone.

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It doesn't anymore for me. I tried it twice when the stoppage occurred yesterday.

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