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Sep 6, 2010
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Upon typing this thread,I never knew any ROMS that may work on D2G except FISSION! So I made this Thread just to Help our fellow D2G users…JUST IN ONE THREAD!!:)

To MOD..If this isn’t appropriate ,you can delete this THREAD anytime!Thank You!:)

First:How to Root and Unroot

http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dr...root-custom-recovery-sim-unlock-tutorial.html You can download bootstrapper here too..Credit is for SGMD1!!.
You can download a paid Root Explorer on the Market.

Second: You can download the latest FRM 1.2.4 here:
Fission Rom Manager | Team DeFuse

Third: Install Instructions:

Install Instructions - Manual Way Through Clockwork Recovery

Wipe Cache - Optional
Wipe Data - Optional
Mount System
Mount Data
When System and Data are mounted recovery will display UNMOUNT; which means it is mounted and if you select it again it will unmount.
Install ROM
Wipe Cache
Wipe Data

Install Instructions - Fission ROM Manager

Open Droid 2 or Droid X Bootstrapper (download the one for your phone.)
Tap ?Bootstrap Recovery?
Tap “Allow” if asked to grant SU Persmission
Tap “OK’ on “Success” screen
Exit Droid 2 or Droid X Bootstrapper
Download Fission ROM Manager and place it on your [FONT=&quot]SD Card[/FONT]
Install the program by selecting it using Files or Astro File Manager [FONT=&quot]application[/FONT]
After installing the app, open it.
Optional: Now would be a good time to enable WiFi on your phone.
After the program opens, choose List Downloads in the bottom left corner.
After the list is loaded, select the latest version of Fission by tapping it on the list.
It will prompt if you want to download. Select yes.
After it completes, the version you downloaded will have a check near it. Tap the selection again and it will prompt if you would like to add it to the install queue. Select yes.
Now to install the [FONT=&quot]new version[/FONT], the install queue at the bottom of the screen is now enabled. Tap that. A new screen will show.
Create a back-up by checking the option at the top of the screen.
Tap the pull down (which says don’t wipe), it will will expland, choose wipe cache+data.
Now, choose install at the bottom left corner. Your phone will reboot and begin the install process.
After the install process is complete, the phone will reboot again.

NOTE: Do Not Forget to BACKUP Always when Flashing New ROM!!!!!!!!!
*Credits goes to Angdroid and Team Defused*
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