Custom ROMs with 902?

Jan 3, 2012
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so will any custom roms work with the 902 update? How long til we can expect one?

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A little impatient are we? LOL. Everyone is just getting their feet wet with the new Update so give it some time. How long you ask? Depends on the Dev's that are still on the Bionic kick:p
yap..eclipse 2.1 works fine here!!:happy3:
Also, what's the status of the 902? Is it official, or still in soak?

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I'm really not sure, my guess is it's still in the soak phase but alot of people have already received it.

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It should be an official ota. It's even posted on motos website as an official update.

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Did someone tried Liberty3 (901 support) w/ .902? Eclipse 2.1 works perfect here!