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Jul 16, 2010
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How can you create custom folders (icon and name) on your home screen that also allows you to drag and drop apps into it?

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long press on home screen - add - folders - New Folder - Once on home screen open it up - long press on folder name and input box will pop up and you can change it to whatever you want - then just drag and drop apps in.

as far as icon goes, im not sure with that. maybe someone else can help
Thanks for the help. Does anyone know how to change the icon?

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Anyone? Not being able to change the icon from the standard icon is driving me crazy.

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if you want to use Launcherpro, you can change icons in there. but for the stock launcher you would have to go into your system files.
How do I do it with launcher pro?

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i was mistaken. oops. you can change the dock shortcut icons. not the main desktop icons. but for the icons that are on your dock, you just long press - change icon.

ill have to take a look how to change "desktop" icons. ill get back to you
okay. found something. if you use FolderOrganizer. you can do this. You can have custom icons. doesnt work the way i would want it to but it allows you to make changes to icons.

Long press on home screen - add - widgets - find folderOrganizer Widget (choose of S, M, L, etc.) - then choose label (apps, games, contacts, etc) - then open up FolderOrganizer app (the actual app) - click the down arrow next to the label you chose - choose icon - then you can choose Default icons, a custom icon you have or a few others

hope this helps a little, not a great solution but yet it works.
is there anyway to put file or stored items in these folders, not just apps or contacts?

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I really like having my apps organized as well and found another app that does it a little differently, but I ended up liking it more. Check out Smart Taskbar and see if it will give you what you want.
Have you tried app mate? I use it and like it. Free version in app market.

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