Creating Restore Point


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Apr 7, 2011
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First, please save your noob comments, etc. I realize that I am new to this, hence me being here and posting my question(s).

I recently rooted my droid 1 using the following method:

I rely on my phone heavily, so I didn't want to risk bricking it while I was outside my new every two window. Now that I am eligible, I figured I'd give it a shot. I have already installed, and am loving the wireless tethering availability. I have some questions around super manager back up capability vs titanium (but I'll post that in another thread).

My question here is this:

Is there a way, free app or deliver process preferred, to create a custom restore point now that I am rooted and have bloatware removed? I looked in to ROM Manager, and it looks like I have to have an add on installed to create a restore point. When I go to the market, I only see installs for 2 and X and both are paid. Will either work for 1? Is there another option?

I have no interest in flashing any custom ROMs. I'm really not looking to do anything like overclocking. I just want to keep what I currently have.

A restore point on the D1 is a nandroid backup. I use clockworkmod recovery that doe's that very easily. I'm sure that RZ recovery and SPrecovery have a nandroid option as well.
That is the closest way you can get to a restore point.