Couple Of Questions about Buying A Phone


Dec 4, 2009
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I've got the family plan, two droid 1's and an old flipphone dumbphone. The wifes dumbphone is eligible for an upgrade and she wants a Droid. She's illiterate when comes to smartphones, so she says she'd be more than happy to have a Droid 1. Wirefly has Droid 1 on sale for $10.00. So whats the porcedure for buying from wirefly...they mail you the phone, then I can simply activate it through VZW website right? Keeping the same number right? Is there anything more to it then that? Would the phone be brand new or refurbed? Anyone gone through the proccess and can tell me the steps. is Wirefly reliable? What else would I have to do to get the phone up and running? Thanks in advance for your anticipated help.
Well, I was thinking about getting her a Droid 1. Like I said, I've already got 2 Droids on the plan, but I bought those back in December and paid retail at the Verizon store where they did everything for me as far as getting them activated and whatnot. Am trying to go the cheaper route by using wirefly, but I'm not familiar with the process.
Activation will be the same. However you might want to check the Wirefly TOS. They have their own ETF and return policy, and you'll have to deal with them on exchanges. You might not get the Worry Free Guarantee either.