Question about purchasing phone from wirefly/Verizon

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Apr 27, 2010
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I recently added a new line to my family plan through wirefly. Got a Droid 2 on there. I guess you cant make any changes during the first 6 months (i.e. change the Droid 2 to another line, change the data plan, etc) or Verizon will let wirefly know and wirefly will charge you full price for violating the contract.

Well, I found a dead pixel on this phone and it's been bugging me. I've also been having some issues when charging the phone, and I wanted to send it back for a replacement. Could I technically just go to a Verizon store and have them do it? The only worry I have is if they do replace the phone, would that technically be seen as a violation of the contract with wirefly and I'd get charged? I would assume thiswould be an exception as the phone was sent to me with flaws, but I figure someone here might have an answer for me.
I'd verify with Wirefly but a warranty exchange shouldn't be an issue. Generally the "change" refers to changes on your account specifically (changing plans, changing features, etc etc).
I see. Well, I emailed them shortly after making this thread and they basically said to go to them and not the verizon store for any phone exchanging. Also I can't make anny changes to my plan our I can be charged up to $300. Sucks since I really wanna get my phone exchanged but I feel like sending it and receiving it will take ages.

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Wirefly has 2 options for exchanges where in the first option you can send your phone before Wirefly ships a replacement and in the second option Wirefly can send a replacement and you return your phone afterwards. You can call into our Customer Service Department at 1-866-852-3216 Monday-Friday, 9am - 6pm EST for help with exchanging your phone