Convince me of a Droid over an Iphone...

I am sorry didn't mean to bust on the Casio. The internal specs are probably the lowest on the market, but I do not actually own one so I should not judge. Many other phones do have Gorilla Glass but none are waterproof, so that is a plus. It depends on what user wants out of a phone. It is definitely a mid level phone though and should not be compared to high level phones like the iphone and droid incredible 2. It has great build quality though.
IPhone - all u can do mostly is jail break it.... blah

Droid Eris, X, ect.... you can do sooo much and its wayyy faster

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Not to mention that when you get an Iphone only Apple can diagnose problems with it. My wife works for an AT&T call center and she gets 3-4 calls everyday from people having problems with their Iphones, but she has to turn them away because Apple will not let anyone else do ANYTHING.

My moms Iphone went out on her, I had to go to her house and sync it to Apple, the restoration took over an hour and I had to do it twice.
I like to tinker so I have a Droid X my wife and son have iphone 4.
I'd take my X over the iphone.
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Ok, go on ebay or craigslist and buy a cheap droid 1 (i still have mine aand i love it) droid1 is a great phone for customization and its really fun to mess around with. Then get it on your data contract to be grandfathered in and viola you can get you next phone for 4G when it comes out

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