Convince me of a Droid over an Iphone...

I have the DInc2 and love it. I've used iPhones for fellow employees when they have issues, or need it setup, and i prefer this phone by far.

Also, if you want something rugged and the Commando isn't your choice, why not look into the Otterbox Defender cases? Those are supposedly very well designed to protect your phone from those bumps and such.
But when a phone is incredible *ahem* out of the box, think of how much more it will be rooted!

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Like I said before every phone has a flaw whether everyone likes to admit it or not. Even if it is the smallest thing in the world like battery life it's still a flaw in the design. (or is it?) I haven't seen a phone that doesn't or else everyone would be all over it.

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The Droid X2 is great, my mom has it and she let's me use it whenever I want. I've compared benchmark scores, and features and the X2 obliterates the iphone.

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If you are using quadrants for benchmarks they are not all to accurate. But I would say yes, many Android phones are faster than the iphone.

Also, I agree with the comment about the Dinc2. It's a nice phone and you can always add an otterbox or trident case to it.
Surprised no one has mentioned this. What you want to do is go on eBay or craigslist an get yourself a used D1. Sign it up with Verizon and boom you are grandfathered in then you can sign a 2 year contract and get your bionic for the new contract price. Have to really hurry though as you only have til the 7th.

Verizon may have some refurbs that you can do the same with.

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That's exactly what I did a few months ago. My upgrade was up in feb and I got D1 off ebay to hold me over til the Bionic comes out.

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My friend has the Commando and he's a nerdy tech guy/camper/rock climber. He said the sensitivity is due to the ruggedness of the phone. Connection speed could just depend on your location, but he has no complaints about it. He swears on its ruggedness, trekking across rivers, banged against rocks or mountain sides, dirt/dust.
Do it

Does anyone have anything GOOD to say about the Commando? Its truly the perfect phone for me. Reason I say this is I have been using Casio Ruggedized phones for the last four years and I really put them to the test daily.

Still a difficult decision.[/QUOTE]

I'm in the exact same predicament have been using Gz One Boulder for 3 1/2 years in a construction environment & can't kill it but Casio finally came out with a smartphone taking advantage of the upgrade price + discounts being grandfathered into the unlimited data etc.. The one review i watched said the slow screen response is due to the extra thickness of the gorilla glass so its not as sensitive, you need to press a little harder than a normal smartphone. It does have a slower processor but coming from the Boulder a 800 ghz processor is an extreme upgrade and i know it will take abuse and still work. My advice is to go to verizon & USE the display phones i did the phone is way bigger than the phones we were using but i've still got a commando coming tommorrow. Battery life can be improved if you get rid of stock bloatware that is preloaded may have to root phone to do this
Ducks in a row...

Ok guys/gals,

I have this one day left and here is my thinking and I wanted input from you all before I go to Verizon and they try to bluff me.

I am sold on the unlimited plan that will expire at midnight tonight. I also am sold on the Droid Bionic which is scheduled for August release and my wife is sold on the Iphone 5 or 4S thats scheduled in September.

Right now I have the Casio Rock and She has the LG Envy touch. Here is my question. Can I upgrade our family plan today to the unlimited data plan and keep our current phones until the phones we want are available and then buy new phones with the upgrade discount or will we be forced to buy at retail then?

Let me know all your thoughts and ideas here. I want to get my ducks in a row before I go to the Verizon store and they try to bluff me or lie to me to get me to buy phones TODAY.

Thanks so much for the help.

You have to have a smartphone on your line today to get the unlimited package grandfathered in... it won't work with a feature phone.

The way I see it, your only option is to buy whichever phones have the best resale value today, purchase the Bionic and iP5 retail, then sell your phones.

Had you not waited until the last couple days to make a decision, you could have purchased 2 used Droids online for a few hundred bucks and activated them for a month or two, then sold those and gotten your money back. At this point, there's not much else you can do tho.
Yea two used OG droids are round $150.

If u are a casual user get an iphone.

If you like the ability to change your phones appearance, its operating system, cpu speeds, etc.. get a DROID.

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Reasons to get a Casio commando

1. It's free at with the purchase of a two year contract.

2. The Commando is probably the most durable phone on the market.

3. There are 5 completely, and easily customizable screens.

4. Contrary to belief the Commando's touchscreen is very sensitive, my wife prefers my Commando over her HTC incredible 2 because it's more sensitive, it's faster, and easier to customize.
If you want a slow phone that was outdated before it was released get the Casio. Any phone on the market can be ruggedized with a case.
If you want a slow phone that was outdated before it was released get the Casio. Any phone on the market can be ruggedized with a case.

The Casio Commando is NOT slow....I search webpages faster on it than I do on most computers, zero of my downloads have taken more than ten seconds, the touchscreen changes as fast if not faster than I can move my finger.

Take it from someone that has this phone vs. someone that reads reviews, it is NOT in the reviews everyone says this phone cannot do this or it cannot do that, they just mean it cannot do these things stock, but there are many FREE apps out there like vlingo that allow your phone to be limitless.

We are not just talking ruggedized here, the Commando is pretty much water proof up to three meters, and the screen is nearly unscratchable, why buy a case when you can get a near indusctructable phone stock?
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IPhone - all u can do mostly is jail break it.... blah

Droid Eris, X, ect.... you can do sooo much and its wayyy faster

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