Contest: TV Show Stream Giveaway

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I like tv show lets me watch a show i have missed or watch all shows in the past ajd plays awsome on 4g!

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i would love to try this app on my xoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This app is great. It has a huge selection of shows that stream perfectly. Between my wife and son I never get the chance to watch tv. It's great to sit on the couch, plug in the headphones and watch my favorite shows on tv show stream!
I have a 1.5 hour commute M-F (3 hours everyday)... I'd love to have some comedy on in the car while driving. Wouldn't be able to watch much while I'm driving, but I could when I get caught in traffic! (That was tuesday, overturned truck blocking two of three lanes, add an hour wait to my hour and a half commute!) .. And my gf would like it too when she's sitting shot gun and we've got a ways to go where we're going (she lives 40mins) .. I bet the picture would look stunning on my Xoom or thunderbolt!
As a tactical field agent for the Department of Justus Counter Terrorism Unit I constantly have to play catch up on some of my favorite shows like Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, reruns of Alf, and Everyday Italian (that Giada is really hot even though her extremely wide mouth reminds me of that little freaky thing in Trilogy Of Terror). You would not believe what a 24 hour day consists of for me! And when it's all said and done I usually go into a deep hibernation for 72 hours...but that is another story. With this app I'd never have to miss anything. Then I wouldn't have to think so much about that pumpkin rissotto I want to make when I get up.
I just wanted to share something that may be usefull for most of the tv shows streamm app owners
Download of the Tv Shows for offline usage is possible now :
If you use Karambavidz and loombo links in the app you will notice that have "external players". If you have installed Real Player Beta (free app) and you select this app as external player, you will see a download option.
Hope you find it as usefull as i do dancedroid
Ooooh, ooooh, teacher, pick me! I'm ever so smart!

... but I'm afraid I'm losing my perspicacity!

Seriously, I got a D1 the day it was released (my birthday, no less - Nov 17) and was hacking it in the car before I got home. I love it. I install a new OS or kernel almost every day, and while I'm not a developer, I suppose you could call me a "rabid enthusiast". I'm a huge tech guy, know my way around a Linux box (or the D1 Terminal Emulator), and get this: the first app I ever got from the market was JetFlix, the original streaming TV service!

I love your app, I think it's fabulous.

Does it have FoxNews? MSNBC? CNN? Because thanks to Bush or Obama or ALL those pathetic excuses for politicians, I can no longer afford cable television.
I need this so that I can watch old episodes of Dexter at work, and daydream about walking upstairs to corporate with some plastic sheeting and ducktape. :icon_evil:

*you will not be held responsible for my actions inspired by this app.:)
this is like the god of all apps to come out from you guys!! stream tv shows...what more can you ask for.

I would like this app simply because when im not doing sports,school or drinking, i am watching tv shows at the weirdest times of the day. I normally dont get a chance to watch my fav shows when they air at their times so i am forced to either download them or watch them at weird times of the night depending on when i can get time on my computer to watch them.

having the option to possibly watch the shows on my thunderbolt instead of my computer in my room would just open my eyes to a whole new world of viewing tv :)

btw i watch over 20 different shows :)

24,90210,American Idol,Archer (2009),Big Bang Theory,Bones(sometimes),Breaking Bad,Californication,Colbert Report,Cougar Town,CSI,Daily Show,Family Guy,Glee,Gossip Girl,Greek,Hellcats,House,How I met your mother,It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,Lost,Modern Family,Mythbusters,One Tree Hill,Primeval,Prison Break,Robot Chicken,Scrubs,South Park,Top Gear,Two and a Half Men,V (2009),weeds,workaholics, true blood, rob dyrdeks fantasy factory, hard times of RJ Berger, Jersey shore, Tosh.0, blue mountain state, community, glory daze, unnatural history

thats just going down my external hard drive TV show folder :)))

help me keep up to date with all my shows ;) :icon_ banana: dancedroid
I've been looking for a good TV show app for a while, and this one looks to be the one (according the the app details + reviews). I spend a lot of time away from home and now that I have an extended battery on my thunderbolt, I could handle watching a few TV shows when I'm out :)
Im in College full time (well out for the summer now), and work two jobs while I'm at it. I don't get much time for TV, and when I do, there usually isn't anything worth watching on! So it would be AMAZING to just stream something right from my phone whenever I can afford the time and actually watch something I want to for once!

Please choose me! Oh please, Oh please Oh please!! lol

:icon_ banana:

Is this contest no longer going on? It has been over 2 weeks and I haven't seen a winner announced. Status?
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