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Sep 21, 2010
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We all know how attached to our phones we can be sometimes, and the only thing we don’t have is a way to watch TV easily. We have a new giveaway for you that might help with that. The developers of TV show stream were excited when we emailed them, and offered us 5 copies of their popular Android application for you guys to get a shot at. The application is still improving and getting new features every day, and if you’re interested in getting a piece of the action and the ability to watch TV shows on the go, keep reading.
Reply and let us know what you like about the app and why we should give it to you. The developer will be following this thread so pleasing them as well as us is a good way to get a free copy.
Finally watch FULL TV-Shows direct in your Android device!
- View your favorite TV show in streaming.
- Megavideo, Frogmovz and Karambavidz auto full screen support.
- Add series to your list of bookmarks to access them directly
- Most popular series section
- Check with a simple “tap” if new episodes have been released of your favorite series.
- Not manual billing
We are listening, if you have any suggestion contact us!
This app is collecting the shows from megavideo and other external sites that are NOT owned us in any way.
Minimum requirements:
- Android version 2.2 or 2.3 (Froyo or Gingerbread)
- Adobe Flash Player
- Wifi or good data connection.
Note: Not all the videos are in the same quality, network speed requirements can be different for each video.
Recommended 1 Ghz processor for optimal performance.

Here is a note from the developer:
"We love to share the application, that was initiated as a small personal project and now is even being appreciated by this great community!"

Reply below and let us know.
Wen and the DF team.
My favorite thing about this app is the massive selection of shows and how nicely they play on my OG Droid!!

On days when my girlfriend is total ***** to me it would be useful to have that way I could hop into my car, plug my phone into my car's speakers through a cassette adapter, and catch up on old Sliders episodes.
I'm buying my Droid X2 today so I can be the first to give a review of your app on the X2. I'm purchasing this phone for it's media capabilities. I spend alot of time on my phone and would certainly put this app to good use.
If I win, I will host tv parties every Monday and Wednesday night in my dorm for the rest of this month and June. I'll post pics!
I have a friend that has this app and he loves it. I am most impressed with all of the full episodes you can watch on it. It seems to stream great on 3G and has a great picture. The devs without a doubt made a top notch app for those of us who are addicted to TV.
I would love to have this app because I am contastantly missing my favorite shows because my wife and I watch too much TV and our DVR is constantly full causing us to miss some of our shows. This app would fix that. Also, it would be awesome to have access to some shows for my daughter to keep her busy when we are out in public and she decides to throw one of her fits. It could bring peace to us and those around us. You want to grant the world peace right?! ;O)
Please choose me!!!
what better way to use my new Xoom then to watch some TV on it. This will make my time on the treadmill pass much faster.
My talking cat told me to get this app. She says she uses it all the time on her cat phone to watch cat shows like Real Housewives.
I already have this app, but just wanted to chime in on how awesome it really is. Great on my Droid X and Xoom. Really well done. I plan to get the movie version soon.
Talking on the phone, texting, and browsing the Internet just wasn't enough to keep me occupied while driving. I NEED to watch TV while driving for the times when no one is calling or texting me, and for those days when there's nothing good on the Internet to browse.

But don't worry. On most days, I have a passenger who can quickly reach the steering wheel in case something happens. And for the days when there is no passenger to help, I have good car insurance! :)

Of course you know I'm kidding. I live in Los Angeles and no one drives here. We all just sit in heavy traffic all day long. How much damage can I cause going 3 miles per hour???

Come on....please....I want my MTV!
Best tv app ever

I've been using this app from almost day 1..the Devs have been very vigilant in there refining of this app. the quality and ease of use has been excellent, In this one mans opinion and several of my friends that now have this app it is by far the best.....
I use it a variety of ways on my Droid X and my Xoom. I watch it on my Xoom while on the treadmill or eliptical. I have three boys and dual DVD players in the back of the SUV. So while two are watching the DVD players the other is watching cartoons and shows using this sweet app. I need another copy for my Wifes Xoom so she will leave mine alone.
I do not have cable or anything of this sort at home so this will be my only source of entertainment. Its so sad when i have nothing to do but stare a wall ... but thats where the internet comes into play, this app seems like th best thing ever, i have been using sites that work like this for ages on computer for it to finally be on my phone i don't know what to do .... maybe ill .... ill ....ill dance a jig ... :D
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