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Nov 7, 2009
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I transfered my contacts from my AT&T sim card to the Droid. Now I want to sync them to my computer and Gmail. How is this done?

Sorry for the 'dumb' questions, I'm not techno savvy in the least. Plus a lil lazy and figure someone will know without me spending hours figuring it out:)
The sync should occur automatically as long a your settings are set correctly.

Option 1:
Open your contacts on the Droid, press the Menu button, select accounts. Make sure Auto-Sync is turned on. Now select your Account and make sure your contacts are set to sync (with a green check).
Allow some period of time (unknown) for complete sync of contacts.

Option 2:
This is more cumbersome.
You can export the address book on the Droid to the microSD card, connect the Droid to your computer with the provided USB cord, then import it into GMail contacts directly form the microSD card or from your computer (if you've copied it to the hard drive).

Make sure to mount the card to allow data transfer.