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Dec 24, 2009
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I posted this on a different forum, but nobody replied, leaving me to believe I posted it on the wrong spot. Here goes:

I'm on a rooted Droid X2 (version 2.3.4), and I rooted using a program that did everything automatically. Since the bootloader for the X2 is locked, I haven't really researched more into it (I had the original droid... the glory days of rooting!), and haven't kept up on all the new programs/apps/etc.

I've done research into the issue, and clearly I deleted (deleted, didn't freeze) something Yahoo-related that makes the contacts storage flip out whenever you try to add/edit/delete/view/think about doing anything with it. Okay, okay. I know what I did wrong, now I need help fixing it.

I've wiped everything and did a 'factory reset', which (as I'm sure you know) did nothing but make me frustrated, since I had to re-download the 20 or so apps I had for my kid.

Since the Yahoo Contacts (or the Yahoo Authenticator) app won't reinstall itself, how can I get it back on my phone? I don't mind if it involves a complete reset, or even un-rooting it, to get it back.

I've tried to follow other threads giving solutions for this issue, but I wasn't able to completely understand what they were saying, since they all said to use SBF [COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important][COLOR=#812528 !important][FONT=inherit !important]recovery[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR], which the X2 doesn't have.

Please help, I'll give you a hug. :)