Concerns with April 21st release date


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Mar 30, 2011
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I was wondering if anyone else was concerned that the April 21st date is pretty unrealistic.

I've noticed very little coverage (i.e. demos phones, pre-reviews, hands-on videos, etc) besides the classic CES 2011 videos compared to the coverage on the Tbolt. I can't even find information on the Bionic from CTIA, which probably would of been a more polished prototype. There would be much more information and news on this phone if it were that close to being released.

Does anyone else feel like April 21st is too early?
Deja vu. :icon_eek:

It doesnt give may 5th as a bionic release date. It just lumps it into the month. but as discussed in other threads as well... it seems rather rare to drop 3-4 BIG name phones in one month. So as sad as the reality seems, itd be the end of May if we're lucky.
Yep - looks like we may be right back to Summer Release - June-July - Tiered Pricing for LTE.
anyone and their brother can make a excel spreadsheet to say the exact same thing and title it roadmap. I call it grain of salt at best, sketchy more than likely.
Digging around some old CES vids on youtube found one that the rep said early Q2 not late like I have heard elsewhere. At least there is a small glimmer but heck it could still mean anything.

[video=youtube;le6giVj02pI]"]YouTube - Motorola Droid Bionic Hands-On @ CES 2011[/video]
I stopped worrying until I actually see it in the stores or on-line for purchase. This wishful thinking has tired me out - I just hope we see it by June at this rate! But if it does take that long to appear, it better be as bug-free as a phone can be and handle LTE!
So far, the leaked roadmap is accurate. Verizon now lists the Samsung Mifi and the Novatel 551 4G data modems this morning.
It seems like everyone fails to notice that the roadmap says the the droid x 2 will be a 4g device when we all know that it isn't. Idk about you guys but to me it loses all validity from that.
So far, the leaked roadmap is accurate. Verizon now lists the Samsung Mifi and the Novatel 551 4G data modems this morning.

I wouldn't say it's been 100% accurate. I can't find the Novatel Mifi4510L that was supposed to be released todayIf it wasn't released, then I would say this map is likely bogus. It was released yesterday, and they already have a discrepency on an item. That along with the DX2 being 4G and no previous rumors of the SG2 coming to Verizon until this, I think someone is having some fun spreading rumors.

I'm starting to agree (with some tech reviewers) that these BIG tech shows like CES, MWC are bad places to announce future products.... especially when the product is no where near its projected launch date.

No apple fan boy, but I loved how apple announced the ipad 2 and gave a release date 10 days away.