Colorful stains on a movie


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Mar 3, 2013
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Hey guys! I have been creating an app on Droid 3 that records movies, unfortunatey I have a problem with that. When I play a movie recorded on my Droid with my app, there are colorful stains on the film, like in this link: (however, normally those stains are mainly green, but after taking Print Screen it turned into orange). The problem is strange for me, because my app records movies with no problem on my two other phones (Samsung and Motorola). What's more, I have noticed that bunch of app from Android Market, which are movie recorders, have the same problem as my application. However, there exists application called DailyRoads Voyager, that works with no problems on my Droid 3, and native camera also works. So the question is - why does those colorful stains show up? Thanks in advance for reply.
If you need more info, I added an *.apk file so you can check what is wrong with my app. Recorded movies are saved on sdcard, as "videooutput.mp4".


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