Clearing Cache? (rooted)


Jun 17, 2010
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I hear a lot about people clearing their cache in order to improve performance. I'm just curious as to what the fastest and easiest and preferably one step to do it. I go through my apps and clear all by themselves. When I boot to recovery, the clear cache button, is that the same or will that delete stuff i want to/need to keep?

edit: i know now the wipe cache is what I should use, phone just got snappier. Another question I have is how often should I clear cache
The only time I wipe my cache is when I switch roms.

Cache Cleaner is available in the Market. One click and your cache is clean. I usually do it every few days and get 10-15MB each time.
I've always gotten tons of help around here. It's nice to be able to help out once in a while. :)
I use Quick App Cache Clean. If you're rooted you can use a one step clean feature.

BTW, for those who don't understand the value of cleaning cache, it's especially useful if you allow email or messages to accumulate. Clearing cache for these apps can significantly improve performance and eliminate "low memory" situations.
I use cachemate. You can manually clear it and also set it so it clears every certain amount of hours, upon reboot, etc.
Quick question.

As I have only cleared cache when installing a new rom, which I also perform a factory reset, does the simple cache clear wipe out your website login information (name/password)?


I looked and Cache Cleaner is for rooted. Not sure about the others. Go to the Market and look at the description. It will tell you if Rooted is a requirement
Is this essentially the same thing as booting in recovery mode and wiping the cache that way? Is this worth doing every once in a while?
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