general cache questions


Mar 30, 2011
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I am still fairly new to the droid scene... I had some pretty basic questions about "cache"

I was wondering what the cache is on the droid? (I know what cache is, but what is actually being cached?)

I know every time you want to load a new ROM, its a good idea to clear this cache. Should you clear it out regularly? (even if you arent reloading) are there any performance gains by clearing the cache?

also, I have heard some people mention clearing their "battery cache" or something along those lines... anyone know what that is about?

thanks for answering any of the n00b ????s
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I'm honestly not sure exactly what kinds of files are included in /cache. I do know that clearing it regularly keeps your phone snappy. I try to do it at least once every couple of days and any time my phone starts getting sluggish. And I believe you're thinking of battery stars, clearing it in recovery or via Root Explorer (by deleting battstatt.bin) when your battery is fully charged allows you to recalibrate the battery by letting it drain all the way to zero and charging it back up.

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