charging issue / bad battery?


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Sep 14, 2010
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Hi people, new to the forum, new to droids, but it was love at first site, even though its rocky, Heres my issue. it was given to me from an extended associate, and he didnt need it since he had an iphone.

Anyway, it wont charge. The stock battery was almost dead when i got it, and I had enough juice to see it was the 2.2 froyo os installed, and everything in the memory was wiped. I have a wall charger and usb charger, and neither seem to charge it. I assumed the battery was bad, and bought the extended life battery for the droid2, which works fine, and it booted up, had no issues, but my battery symbol had a "?" on it, it eventually died because i wanted to give it a full charge, but now it wont recharge?

When i Plug it into the wall charge, a small white light comes on near the connection, but it doesnt power on at all, but when theres a batter with some juice, it comes right up. Its confusing to me because i dont understand if that light indicates that its charging or not, not to mention is the battery getting a charge or not, it sure doesnt seem like it. Also after trying everything i tried to turn it on with a battery in, just wall charger, no go.

I hope my formatting made the wall of text readable, and any help would be great appreciated.

The white light is an indicator of being plugged in, have you put the new battery in plugged it into the wall and left it overnight ?
no i havent, but i tried with the old battery, ive let the new battery sit for at least an hour plugged in, no difference

Also id like to note that after all these times of charging, even if it was for a an hour or all night, in most cases, wouldn't the battery be warm? mine is cold
So the new battery worked until it died and now it doesn't charge...I just want to make sure I understand
yeap, new battery worked nice right out the box, i didnt plug it in, wanted to drain it completely and do a full charge over a day, i woke up the next mornin, battery dead, and not charging
update: went to a cell phone store, had all my concerns double checked, and the person said that i have a clear issue with a power source being connected and it not bbeing able to charge the battery. i guess now i need to see if theres any loose connections or replace the motherboard. any opinions?

Update: took the motherboard out, gave it a quick exam, might have a friend resodder the connection for the charger port, at this point, i have nothing to lose, i hope its a bad connection, otherwise it'll be impossible to find another motherboard for this.